Our values

At Minty MIND, we firmly believe that our ability to be a reliable partner to our clients, employees, and the broader community is rooted in our commitment to clearly defined values. These values, stemming from our sense of responsibility towards you and our profession, form the foundation of our work.

We place the highest value on integrity, reinforcing our commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards within our company and its leadership. We trust that this commitment results in happier employers and employees, and ensures the company’s prosperity.


Our team embodies honesty, authenticity, and responsibility, honoring high moral standards in all circumstances. Our decisions are consistently ethical, transparent, and well-intentioned. We have established clear guidelines and professional practices, to which we consistently adhere.


We build lasting relationships based on honesty, trust, and respect. We act with integrity and maintain open communication both within our team and with our customers and business partners. We value differences and opposing views and conduct ourselves in a friendly and pragmatic manner. We work as a team and consider your goals as our own.


We offer a complex service framework based on decades of experience in HR. We follow best practices, honor good manners, and always do our utmost in every area of our operations. We are keen to take on demanding challenges and enjoy what we do. We are always happy when you succeed.


We are experts in our field. We respond fast to any task and solve problems proficiently. We work efficiently and with maximum commitment. We bring solutions beyond given assignments and emphasize open communication, quality of results, and continuous personal development.

We deliver required solutions quickly and adapt immediately to change. We strive to reach beyond best practices and, if appropriate, look for unconventional solutions. We see demanding tasks as an opportunity and only consider a job complete when you are completely satisfied.
We love to get inspired but enjoy inspiring our clients and business partners even more. With the years of experience under our belts, we are confident to bring fresh ideas and latest trends to your HR needs. Whatever the situation, we strive to come up with results that exceed your expectations.