We are here for you

Minty MIND is here for you: with fresh viewpoints and innovative ideas. We are always ready to listen to your needs and help you achieve your goals. We want to contribute to the growth of individuals, companies, and society as a whole.

We have long-term experience in recruiting for management or project positions.

We know organizations inside and out and can apply the hands-on knowledge to suit our clients’ needs. We have served in environments and companies across market segments at various stages of development, from expansions and transformations to mergers and closures. 

We possess a deep understanding of various specializations and the unique cultures of different companies, enabling us to swiftly develop and implement effective HR solutions for corporations, small businesses, startups, and individuals.

We connect professionals, discover exceptional talent, and unleash the true potential of your employees. We help set up development programs for executives and specialists.

We understand your business goals and strive to deliver the best results. We provide a broad spectrum of services, allowing us to offer customized solutions to each client.

  • To inspire, innovate and bring the joy of collaboration.
  • To change, challenge and reinvent.
  • To motivate others and deliver beyond clients’ expectations.
  • To put our dedication and passion into what we do.
  • We build quality, agile, and efficient synergies with our clients.
  • We are keen to get to know you and your company culture to understand your goals and needs and develop the desired solution.
  • We design projects so that our clients can focus on their priorities without worrying about the organization or the quality of our deliverables.
Minty Mind Jitka Basso


For me, the key to success is cooperating as partners, sharing information, having a clear vision, and setting the right goals.

I love building valuable synergies. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our clients satisfied and their businesses or careers moving forward. It excites me and inspires me to keep on working.

more about Jitka

In my career, I’ve experienced large-scale corporate transformations, difficult times of layoffs, and beautiful periods of expansion. I’ve worked for different companies by industry and structure.

As an HR manager, I established new processes, built teams, implemented assessment and development centres, deployed company-wide strategies, and participated in innovative projects and internal procedures. I embraced every challenge that came my way and thrived on being a business partner and a carrier of company values.

I’m bringing this approach into HR consulting, which is an area I’ve dedicated myself to for over a decade now. The years of hands-on experience allow me to see our clients’ needs through their eyes, which helps me develop impactful solutions. At the same time, it enables me to look at the assignment and the company from various angles.

I enjoy what I do, and I still feel the same excitement for HR as when I started. I’m not afraid of complex topics and speak my mind. I love contributing above and beyond project tasks and passing on energy and passion for change to others. At the same time, I always respect the priorities and preferences of each company and individual to bring the expected results of our joint endeavor.