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HR Manager

We began our collaboration with Minty MIND at the end of 2021, when we were looking for an Executive Search partner to fill the CFO position and a seat on the board of directors for one of our subsidiaries. That was my first personal encounter with Jitka Basso, Minty MIND’s owner and managing director.

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Right from the start, I sensed her high level of professionalism, expertise, and energy, which are especially important in our field.

The goal was to survey the market and approach suitable candidates who possessed not only financial and managerial skills but also a business acumen. It wasn’t an easy task, as we had high expectations for the future role of CFO, who would significantly contribute to the management and operation of the company and be responsible not only for financial results but also play a crucial part in deciding the company’s strategy and direction.

Jitka Basso personally managed the project, exceeding our expectations. She not only adhered to the project timeline but also understood the type of personality we were looking for, from both a professional and personal perspective, to ensure the selected candidate would fit into the company culture. The project was highly successful, resulting in the appointment of a candidate who has been a long-term asset to our company.

Since then, we have collaborated with Minty MIND in finding candidates for other managerial and expert roles.

I would like to highlight the immense professionalism, reliability, and empathetic approach of Minty MIND, specifically Jitka Basso. She exceeded my expectations not only with her experience and dependability but also with her ability to align with the client’s needs and quickly grasp the company’s inner workings, culture, and successfully lead the project to a fruitful conclusion with the best possible outcome.

I appreciate the human and partnership approach, and I’m impressed by the enthusiasm and energy Jitka puts into every project. Should there be an opportunity for collaboration in the future, I would be delighted to engage her services again.

Since 2021, I’ve confirmed several times that the company’s motto – “We are here for you” – is truly characteristic of Minty MIND.

Interlacto Group
Food industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, healthcare

Group CEO

We have been collaborating with Minty MIND and Mrs. Jitka Basso across our group for several years now, primarily in the areas of searching for C‑level positions and other specialized strategic roles within various entities. Minty MIND also provides us with HR consulting, spanning across various processes and extending into business strategy.

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Currently, we are launching a pilot project focused on strategic mentoring for the leadership of one of the companies within the group, aimed at kick-starting business growth for this entity.

What I value most about our cooperation with Minty MIND is the extensive range of their services, their expertise, excellent network of contacts, practical recommendations, proactive approach, and a genuine effort to help fulfill our needs and goals. The communication is partnership-driven, flexible, and the solutions and processes they propose are both effective and practically applicable. Their service offerings are flexibly tailored to our needs, discussions are open, and terms are negotiable.

Clearly, Minty MIND’s priority is building relationships, always striving to add extra value for their clients, and guide them towards achieving their success milestones.

Global biotechnology/ pharmaceutical company

Business Unit Director CZ/SK

Our Business Unit has been active in the therapeutic area for about 10 years, and our task was to gradually build a team as the business opportunity grew in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have repeatedly worked with Jitka Basso and Minty MIND and have always been very satisfied with their approach, expertise, professionalism, and especially with the results of our cooperation in the form of finding candidates who, as new colleagues and employees, stood behind the success of our BU in the Czech and Slovakian markets.

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Gradually, with the assistance of Minty MIND, we expanded our team significantly between 2016 and 2023, enhancing it from the original two managers to a robust seven-member unit. The newly recruited colleagues and their respective positions include:

  • two Senior Key Account Managers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia,
  • a Medical Science Liaison in the medical department,
  • a colleague initially hired for an administrative role, who swiftly advanced to a managerial business position within our team,
  • and a colleague appointed as the Senior Product Manager.

We consistently sought senior team members who embodied more than just professionalism and expertise. We valued individuals with a strong work ethic, characterized by an ethical approach to challenging daily tasks, team spirit, and a belief in the power and purpose of collaboration across functional teams, coupled with a drive for personal growth. Additionally, we required a scientific mindset, the capability to handle professional data effectively, and, most importantly, a deep understanding of our work’s purpose in forging partnerships with doctors. The ultimate goal of these collaborations was to ensure that doctors and patients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia had access to the most advanced treatment options available.

The selection of new team members was a collaborative effort involving both our Business Unit’s management and our newer colleagues. The outcome of our partnership with Minty MIND is a team that excels both professionally and personally. Despite the considerable growth of our Business Unit, we are confident that our customers will continue to value us not only for the innovative pharmaceuticals but also as a dependable and trusted partner known for exceptional customer service, high-level expertise, and strong ethical standards.

Our achievements are also a testament to our partnership with Minty MIND, built on trust, perseverance, and fair play. Thanks to our long-term collaboration, Jitka and her colleagues have become familiar with our team, needs, and values. This understanding makes each new project easier. The role of Minty MIND has been invaluable, and their recognition is well-earned.

CAPEXUS — Commercial interiors from design to implementation


We have worked with Minty MIND on various projects, primarily in talent acquisition and strategic mentoring. Thanks to Minty MIND, we have strengthened our team with an HR manager who has exceeded our expectations in a very short time.

Additionally, their strategic mentoring helped us launch a successful transformation project aimed at restructuring company management.

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In Minty MIND, we found a true partner – one with extensive HR experience across diverse industries. Their expertise saved us valuable time during talent search, allowing us to benefit from external perspectives while adhering to our specific needs. For the strategic project, having an objective partner free from operational blindness proved invaluable. Their fresh perspective helped us look at the given problems with the necessary distance, formulate goals and set priorities.