Cross-disciplinary talent discovery

We will help you find the right teammates, whether you are looking for employees, collaborators, or contractors. We develop team structures that ensure both professional and personal fit.

We excel in identifying top talent across a broad spectrum of industries. Our domain lies in recruiting for leadership and specialist positions within niche sectors, including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, energy, finance, and manufacturing. However, our expertise doesn’t stop there.

We focus on hard-to-fill positions entailing exclusive contractual relationships. We are always ready to carry out an in-depth market analysis using our contacts and expertise. We specialize in market mapping and approaching suitable candidates directly.

We are well-equipped to provide experienced interim managers for transitional or short-term assignments.

Professional experience, personality traits, motivation — all these factors come into play when selecting candidates for your vacant positions. We only consider the applicants who are a perfect fit.

We take advantage of the extensive network of high-quality contacts that we have built up over the years, which allows us to act quickly, efficiently, and “work miracles” as we go.

We’ll map the market for you and find the most suitable professionals for managerial or expert positions across segments. We negotiate terms individually according to the complexity of the project at hand.

Using direct outreach, we will find and suggest the most suitable talent available on the market. We will adjust the terms and conditions according to your objectives, expectations, and resources.


We connect the right companies with the right people. We look for synergies that lead to long-term mutual satisfaction, engagement, and motivation for you and your new employee.

We will develop analyses and data benchmarking for specific professions or market segments.

We will design assessment centres and provide group and individual psychometric testing according to position type and project specifications.


We will warrant and manage your recruitment process from start to finish.